a1.REVISED FIRST PC ALLOTMENT LIST20092016-1         

                                                            a1.REVISED SECOND PC ALLOTMENT LIST MALE_OBC_ARTS20092016         

                                                            a1.FOURTH PC ALLOTMENT LIST20092016         

                                                            a1.BTC-2015 SECOND PC ALLOTMENT LIST         

                                                            a2.BTC-2015 THIRD PC ALLOTMENT LIST          

                                                            a.BTC-2015 THIRD ISL         

                                                            b.REVISED FIRST ISL FOR PC ALLOTMENT         

                                                            b1.PRESS VIGYAPTI FOR THIRD ISL AND FOURTH COUNSELLING         

                                                            c.revised first reshuffled arts list dated 14916         

                                                            c.FIRST RESHUFFLED INTERIM DIET AND PRIVATE COLLEGE ALLOTMENT LIST         

                                                            1.BTC 2015

                                                            a.THIRD CUT-OFF BTC-2015         

                                                            b.SECOND ISL OF PRIVATE INSTITUTIONS         

                                                            c.FIRST ISL OF DIET         

                                                            d.FIRST ISL OF PRIVATE COLLEGE         

                                                            e.BTC-2015 CUT-OFF MERIT CHART         

                                                            f. PC DETAILS LIST 2015